Welcome to Dragonfly House of Retreat

This is our story

Dragonfly House is a safe haven nestled amongst the trees of St. Joseph, Barbados, in the West Indies. It’s a place where we use movement to disconnect from the outside, to reconnect within.

At Dragonfly House, our aim is to become comfortable with self and release our dependence on our distractions which we have made our source of comfort. This is not a place where you only sit still.

This is a place where we remove the constant distractions of technology which create rapid shifts and movement in your mind and already anxious nervous system. We settle this through physical movement before we get quiet.

Dragonfly House has been on our radar for a while. Somewhere where you could feel at home with a familiar Caribbean flare. A haven with the spiritual element of a full cosmic spectrum that anything goes because everything is possible. A sacred space that has the quiet serene atmosphere needed for healing but still has the chill laid back environment where we could laugh at ourselves and not feel pressured to be too serious.

Dragonfly has been on a journey, searching for a place of healing which provided love and support of self, where things are not done merely out of habit , but persons act with intent and come  to truly understand themselves. We wanted a place where people lived yoga and didn’t just talk about doing yoga. We wanted Dragonfly to be a bubble of unconditional love, truth and understanding.

Why Dragonfly House

It's a beautiful little secret spot in Barbados

Dragonfly House

A home away from home

We invite you into our easy, laid back home bursting at the seams with love to re-kindle the truth of mindful movement and theoretical yoga practice.


A retreat center with a sweet island vibe

Island living at it's best

Our vision is to help you connect with that truth, then make the choice about authentically implementing it into your life. Our aim is not to change you, but for you to feel empowered to make changes that YOU need and on your own time.


Retreat Menu

What is Dragonfly House?

Dragonfly House is a supportive space for you to dig deep and acknowledge the divine self as you tap into your personal space which you can discover through meditation, stillness or movement.

We have a busy month ahead, register for a workshop, day cleanse, holistic treatment listed below or just pay us a visit.

We would love to meet you.

Would you like to join us at some point but need some time to plan ahead?

Take a look at our Retreat schedule below so you can add it to your budget 🙂

Saturday, January 13th- February 17th 2018

8:30-9:30 am

Need a good push to start the year off?

Join us on Saturday mornings, January 13th-February 17th, 2018 at 8:30 am for class and a green juice. See if you can change your schedule up a bit to create some time for you, even if it’s just Saturday mornings.



 If you have time after Huntes Gardens is located just next door for you to keep your calm going 😉

If you are interested send me an email at info@dragonflyhouseofretreat.com

$210 Six- week session + green juice

$150 Six-week session only

Saturdays, January 13th - February 17th, 2018
9:45 am

Looking to increase your flexibility and handle your stress?

Learn how to:
increase your range of motion
avoid passive stretches
control your breathing

Commit to six weeks of Mindful Movement, guiding you into a movement meditation to help you slow down and find ways to calm your mind. Start the session of with a 3-day cleanse and continue the six weeks with movement to help you calm your nervous system.

 If you have time after Huntes Gardens is located just next door for you to keep your calm going 😉

Registration is now open

$150 Six-week session

$300 Cleanse + Six-week session

Up for a cooking class with very little cooking?

Interested in eating healthy?

Our cooking workshop will soon be available again, email us if you would like to join in and learn how to create a simple live food meal to substitute for a few dishes that you are tired of.


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